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Pre-Market Morning Brief: 9/8/21

We saw a lot of upward swinging momentum on tech stocks yesterday. AMZN, MRNA, TSLA and more all ripped hard. AAPL continues to hit new highs and has officially announced their release date for the IPHONE 13. This is going to be something to watch , as I expect sells to continue to outpace previous years as things start to gear forward, especially if AAPL can gain ground in sales to China.

#GME has continued weakness, and I added some more short/theta plays yesterday, increasing our overall short/theta position.

#MRNA announced a new trial drug yesterday, focusing on a very specific rare disease. The stock ripped yesterday on this and continued concern on the Delta/Covid situation. I see MRNA breaking new highs later this months and I added more long/theta positions yesterday. I missed the entry into buying a call yesterday, as I was a bit hesitant in the morning.

#TSLA continues to trade higher, and I added more long/theta plays yesterday, selling strikes in the 600 price points. I think TSLA will break the 800 market this month , if not by the end of this week.

Overall, still very bullish and I will start to close options that are already close to worthless so I can leg into weekly positions for next week. I am still on pace to meet my goal of taking a small 5 figure cash position to 1 million in a year, as well as all the other day trading positions I have for the rest of my account.

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