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Expy Friday Wrap Up- 9/3/21

Today is my favorite day of the week, Friday. Not because of the weekend, but because it is expiration day for those of you that trade weekly options. Overall, I had a very solid week. All of my positions and predictions went well, and I didn't have to alter or hedge/adjust my positions too much this week. I started already closing my positions by Wednesday, and was able to leg into next weeks trades quite early. This will allow me to gain more theta on my positions, as premiums were still high with volatility high and time decay still very low.

Market Reports: There are too main reports today. One is the Fed's Jackson hole press conference. I don't see much change there that will alter the market. The other is the employment update, so we will see how much job growth has occurred and will get an updated unemployment number. I expect this number to be bullish, so I think we close Friday with new highs in the market.

Current Positions for Next Week:

#GME: I have a short/theta play going on for next week, selling staggered calls at 450/460 strikes

#AMZN: I have a long/theta position selling 3250 strike puts.

#DASH: Long/theta position selling 175 strike puts.

#GOOG: Long/theta position selling 2700 strike puts

#MRNA: Long/theta overall position selling staggered 350/335/330 puts, will sell some calls for a hedge and strangle

#NVDA: Long/theta selling 215 strike puts

#TSLA: Long/theta position selling staggered puts with strikes 590/580/595 and a small strangle selling 805 strike calls.

I will continue to add today and see what the market has to offer. Best of luck trading out there.

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