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Pre-Market Morning Brief - 9/2/2021

There was a lot of volatility in meme stocks yesterday with #AMC #GME and #SPRT. Things really sold off yesterday and I made the right call selling my long positions 5 mins after open as I saw the trend shifting. It does leave some room for an upside push for the rest of the week, and will keep an eye out.

Delta concerns have driven up #DASH , where we are long/theta there and have a completely bullish position there with no hedge yet.

I bought back a lot of much long/theta yesterday at pennies, pretty much making a 100% return and freeing up some margin so I could leg into weekly positions for next week.

There aren't too many economic reports today, just the Factory Orders and Merchandise Trade. I don't see these having much impact in the market, and I think we will see continued bullish /sideways trends in the market today.

Best luck trading.

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