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Trade to Travel. Travel to Live.

From trading basics to luxury travel, this site will help you start on a journey of a lifetime.

Learn how to trade from beginning options basics to advanced commodities futures. I’ll teach you how to create supplemental income from a small trading account using options to leverage the most out of your money ; all the way to running a large account diversifying into commodities, currencies and large portfolio positions to reach income autonomy. I’ll share basic trading tips, tutorial videos, personalized user guides and current trading strategies.

Take what you learn in trading to help plan your next traveling adventure. I’ll share my personal photos, blogs, and videos along my trading journey around the world. From traveling must dos, where to go, great bites, luxury resort and what to wear, I’ll keep you plugged in on what to do for your next trip.

Meet The Day Trading Traveler

I have had a long love for trading and traveling. After many years in day trading, living overseas and working in the corporate world, I finally decided to set out on my own personal adventure and share it with the world.

When it comes to trading and business I have had quite the journey. I have been trading for over 12 years, starting with a small options account in my undergraduate at SMU. I double majored in my undergraduate at SMU in Finance and Geology. There I spent most of my time skipping class to trade and play poker. I fell in love with trading ,which also came from my love of poker. Soon I spent all my time learning all I could about options , trading during the day, then setting off after trading hours to an underground casino to play poker with some of the best sharks. After undergrad, I continued to trade and play poker, growing my-personal account by a 200% rate of return for multiple years, and visiting local cash games and WSOP circuit events . I finally grabbed my masters at Tulane, majoring in energy trading and finance. Eventually, I landed myself at the number one hedge fund , Citadel, trading on their commodities floor specializing in physical natural gas.


When it comes to traveling I have had my fair share. I grew up traveling all around, living in Ecuador, Argentina and Scotland before settling into the United States . Living in third world countries gave me a great look on life and led to my love of new cultures. Since then, I have traveled when I can, my greatest trip being my venture to Thailand, which I documented heavily. My greatest highlight was getting a tattoo from a monk, and that is when I realized I needed to share my travels with the world. I knew people would greatly benefit from useful travel tips mixed with he great insight and traveling tricks to make the most of your trip and stretch your dollar


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