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Pre-Market Morning Brief- 9/7/21

We had this week coming off of Labor Day Weekend. I don't know about you, but having a nice banking holiday here and there is much needed. One of the perks of the holiday is that all our theta positions gained value without having any risk on a trading day. So essentially , with my trade I am only fighting against 4 days instead of 5.

It looks like the market hasn't had any fundamental change, and we will have to keep posted on any delta variant and Jackson Hole Fed adjustments. I am not sure when tapering will stop, but it seems the White House is content jamming more trillions into the US economy . However, a lot of the Covid Relief funding has been terminated, so we could start to see market weakness, an inflation spike and of course a housing crisis with people not being able to avoid paying rent once the government allows evictions again.

Current Positions:

#AMZN: Long/theta selling 3250 strike Puts

#DASH: Long/theta selling 175 strike puts

#GME: Short/theta selling 400 and 460 strike calls. Will continue to monitor this, but the stock is showing greater weakness with a possible sell off

#GOOG: Long/theta selling 2700 and 2595 strike staggered puts

#MRNA: Long/theta selling 350/335/330 strike puts, and will continue to monitor as the stock is showing support and bullish momentum

#NVDA: Long/thetaselling staggered 215/205 strike puts, and a tiny hedge selling 235 calls. The stock is showing very bullish technicals and will possibly buy calls and unwind the 235 strangle hedge

#TSLA: Long/theta selling 560/580/590 staggered puts with a strangle hedged selling 805 strike calls. Stock is looking bullish but still seeing some resistance. Might buy calls this morning and then sell staggered calls on the spike to create a nice spread.

Overall, things are looking good and I don't see too much volatility coming in this week. I legged in early last week , so I was able to capture more premiums than usual. Best of luck trading out there.

Feel free to email with questions at and sign up for my free basic trading guide and get daily alerts on pre/post market analysis and trades.

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