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Travel and Market Update: 01/14/22

Hello all. Sorry for the lack of updates on the blog. As I stated, I would be traveling a lot and would be focusing more on my Instagram and Discord for trade,travel and adventure updates. I spent the last two and half weeks in London, and was planning to then go to Amsterdam. However, I got some family emergency news and I had to immediately hop on a flight back to the US. So to say the least, I am severely jet lagged. If you have been following my trades, I have just been selling off calls against long term length, to catch the downward trend , trying to keep my goal at about 2.5k-5k profit a week while not being at the trading station 24/7. Here is a quick update.


Lovely city , a lot to see but definitely doable to see most of the major tourist spots in just a week. Central London, where most of the historic attractions are , is actually quite small, and I managed to walk most of it in a couple days. I am not a major fan of doing group tours, and mostly just did self tours walking around as my heart desired, taking photos, and just exploring on my own schedule .

I will write a full travel post on all the attractions, recommendations on where to stay, reviews on my hotels, and of course my 5 star award winning reviews on the food (this is the number one reason I travel). I am just behind schedule due to jet lag, the huge January trading sell off, and this family emergency that popped up( which is my lovely mastiff , Simba, who is nearing 10 years old whose health is failing. I couldn't dream of not being there to say good bye and no traveling experience is worth passing on that.

Market Update:

The market continues to sell off into this week, as inflation has steadily continued to rise, Fed minutes keep suggesting a faster rate hike , and the economic data continues to wane. The job report seems to look good, but the real unemployment rate does not. The real unemployment rate actually takes into account people that have decided to quit applying for work ( which counts as employed in a normal jobs report). Also, there has been a sharp rise in applications for unemployment benefits. This will make it difficult to navigate when to taper and the overall health of the economy.

#MRNA continued to sell calls this week and into the next , as covid concerns on Omicron have tapered. Countries area already stopped travel restrictions and test mandates. #NVDA sold more calls into our long position here. Got a good middle here and gained full premium theta value

#AMZN sold puts to gain on theta/long value here. Continued into next week as the tech stock seems to have steadied.

That is it for now but will leg into more positions as I will be back to normal trading hours here.

Thanks to all the new subscribers and followers. I appreciate the growing community.

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