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January Sell Off

So anyone who is investing is seeing the biggest sell off since the financial crash. Honestly, it is to be expected, since I always thought the fed would rate hike in Q1. Will they? I am not sure , especially since the White House wants to pass another spending bill . I am sorry for my delayed posts, I have been traveling and posting those, instead of trading. I made a decent amount last week using normal theta, but this week is a bit of a mess. First of year notes are as follows:

ARK: Cathie Wood continues to prove she only relied on her previous analysts than actual intellect.

She called 500k bitcoin and other things that have been the complete opposite . When she finally ventured out she failed. I have been posting a lot about her incompetence over the last year and somehow her fund continues to exceed all expectations of being awful and losing over 100%

.Her anti-ETF is up huge.

How to ride this market: Don't hold overnight positions unless you know how to hedge and just try to scalp. I would say going short overall would be the best strategy and maybe trade the vix? With the Fed weighing in I would suggest it.

Current Positions:

#nvda have a strangle but slowly tampered off taking losses

#tsla I sold my shorts for 900 strike a day , then ate a loss re tapering

#mrna sold calls and closed those for a profit

#gme sold calls and sold those for a profit

Many more but those are for the monthly subscription and discord. I will post more of my travels soon.

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