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Market Brief: Christmas Special and Options are the New Crypto

Before we get into the Market Brief, I just wanted to touch on a few things . First, I wanted to thank all of our new subscribers paid and unpaid. It means a lot to me , that in such a short time , the site and community has grown a lot. As a Christmas special , I will be giving out TWO FREE COACHING 30 min sessions. I will pick the lucky winners view RNG on Jan 1,2022. So the DEADLINE to join FREE or Subscribed will end Dec 31,2021. See link below to subscribe free or paid to enter.

Today is the last trading day before we head into Christmas, and as such I don't see much volatility coming in. Economic Releases for today : Consumer Sentiment, Durable Goods, and New Home Sales. The biggest market indicator of these is the Consumer Sentiment. I don't expect people to be too optimistic given the Omicron news, inflation and the like. Similar to yesterday. But I don't expect it to be too negative either, so I would call this as a NEUTRAL release.

The trend I do want to to talk about , is the move to options. Crypto was the new huge think, but with market volatility increasing, brokers margins rising, and retail investor numbers skyrocketing there is a new king. Option volume is at an all time high. Around 39M options contracts have traded daily on average this year, rising 35% from 2020 . This is due to the fact that options provide you with more hedging strategies, are less capital intensive, and provide you with exponential profits compared to owning underlying assets. Given this, I think that everyone should be trading options, and this site is the best place to learn , actually get your answers questioned, and is a must to add in your trading strategy .

I closed most of my positions yesterday, as I wanted a slower day right before the holiday. If you followed the trades yesterday , we made huge gains. Here is a recap .


#TSLA - bought calls and sold puts, and Tesla jumped over 7%. This was a big win, and I have been calling this pop ever since TSLA broke 1000 and then 920.

#GME continued to tank and we tapered down our short calls with strikes @200, @180, @177.5. I don't see much strength in the future.

We had a few more but I don't want to make this post too long.


#GME: Continue to short , rolling down our short calls and finding a middle

#MRNA : will continue to look for more short/theta selling calls and possibly puts, as the stock continues to crater and lose market share to PFE

#TSLA : Will look to do a credit spread here, calls side, or a naked call here as I see the price to continue to spike into the session

#SNOW: I am long here by selling puts/theta and will look for a strangle as the price narrows.

Have a happy holidays and don't forget to join the new DISCORD:

INSTAGRAM: day trading_traveler

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