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Post-Market Report 8/31/21

Well the market went as expected.Pretty much slightly down and sideways most of the day. I didn’t add too much on here as the market didn’t give much and I liked my positions. I added some more more long/theta positions on NVDA by selling puts. I left my GME/AMC long calls on and then added more long/theta plays on DASH by selling puts. Also, all these option plays are weekly options, I rarely sell forward months unless I am doing covered calls or see some real value as it eats into account and I always have my account margin maxed each week.

GME: Was volatile as predicted but more to the upside. I still see some potential here for a big rally this week , so I kept my call and still have my short/theta positions with my sold calls.

AMC: Was mostly to the upside ,and I kept my calls here and they will finish in the money and are still up in profit.

NVDA: Sold off a bit and I saw some support, so I sold more puts to get a long/theta position here . Sold out about 10 contracts more here and figure this will still be a stock that continues to rise.

AAPL: Sold off some as predicted but didn’t touch my long position. I don’t want to pay the taxes on it right now.

All in all not much to say today. Will see what tomorrow brings.

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