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Morning Brief: Russia Risks Continue to Weigh

Russia continues to bring volatility and instability into the global markets. Yesterday, the Russian market was down 10%, as Russia amped up its pressure into invading Ukraine. This pushed commodities higher as well, as European natural gas markets continue to raise, as the threat of no more Russian natural gas causes price scarcity.

At home in the U.S. markets seemed to take moderately losses as it seemed like the heighten risks were shrugged off. However, as Biden talked and tensions continued to remain throughout the day, markets kept dropping lower into finding some bottom at the end of the day.

Markets are up in pre, with the NDX leading the way.

#NVDA has seemed to have faltered after earnings. With the stock breaking back into the 230 bottom again yesterday and finding more resistance at 240, making another tight trading window.

#TSLA was free falling once it broke the 900 support channel, pushing though the 850 with ease yesterday before finding some support at 800 . It is up 1.8% in pre, and could look to push out again later this week.

#DWAC mad a strong push yesterday, hitting almost ~100 as the stock broke out after the Truth Social platform hit the market. The wait list is already massive to gain access, and the popularity keeps pushing DWAC stock up. This stock still has a lot of break out potential and there is strong technical analysis to support a ~150 or more price target.

I am trading those ranges and just scalping daily again. Follow my instagram or join the discord for live trading tips and updates.


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