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Morning Brief: Looming Shutdowns

After a large Omicron sell off yesterday, futures are up large this morning with the NDX leading the way at just over 1%. This comes after Biden states that they U.S. isn't looking to go back to covid level shutdowns. However , Europe seems to have taken a much more aggressive stance as more countries turn to lockdown.

If the EU shuts down, we will see the EUR.USD to continue to trend downward, as the US dollar will strengthen. The EUR.USD was up to 1.18 in August and now is trending in the 1.12 range.

Currently we have a few positions of interest

#AFRM is up 3.57% . I have a credit spread on this with a @96 strike call, with @110 calls sold. I also have sold some @81 puts .

#AMZN I am still bullish. I have sold puts/theta here @3000/ @3050. With it being up it is a good strategy to taper.

#GME showed some support yesterday but I don't see a big move . I have sold @200 strike calls, and I suggest a trade here for those interested on the short side.

#NVDA is showing bullish momentum, and is pushing towards the 300 price point I suggest yesterday. I have a long credit spread here combined with a long/theta buy selling puts here.

#BKKT was selling off huge yesterday, I entered with some long calls as I thought it was oversold and expected a market bounce today. It is up 3.21% in pre-market.

#TSLA is up 1.56% , gaining back some losses. I think there is still a long play here, but I am currently trading long/theta here , selling puts.

Keep scalping in these markets and look for some of the strategies I went over above to get in the market .



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