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Market Brief: AAPL pushing and Option Strats

Futures are up after last weeks push. I called the mid afternoon bottom and both the NDX and SPX pushed to new highs on the day, Friday. . We capped the week at another 5k+ profit, which is a nice target range to hit.

#AAPL seems to not know what a pullback is yet, as it continues to hit new highs. It is up another 1.31% in the pre-market , hitting 181.84 . AAPL is one of my bread and butter stocks, which I have held for over a decade. At this high , it is hard to say it is a buy, but it is hard to say not to buy it given its dividend.

#GME gained a bit of momentum back, but I plan to continue to short it . I am hoping for some volatility to pop up premiums again but I am short/there here selling calls at strikes of @380, 290,250, 240.

#NFLX is up pre and I have credit spread here , with a nice 40 point middle. I still have yet to really gain on these spreads like I should, as the last day seems to always push just outside the profit zone. I think the current spread I have still should make some gains.

#VIX was down hard last week, breaking below 20. The trend the last few weeks is increased volatility , so this is a great hedge against my theta plays in the rest of my portfolio.

#TSLA continues to play with its support point. We went long on Friday after it hit 980, and the stock seems to keep flirting with its ~1,000 price point I still think there is more upside here, and a long credit spread could yield some gains.

If you have any questions feel free to message me. As always, join the discord: and follow my instagram for live updates and trades.

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