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Morning Brief Expy Friday- 9/12/21

Inflation numbers have been finalized for August, and to no surprise it continues to steadily rise as unlimited debt , government spending, covid subsidies , and federal QE continues. However, the market seems to have accounted for all this, and with no end in spending on the horizon yet, the market will continue to rise, hitting new highs again in September. People have been waiting for a bubble burst, and the market might be ready for a large pullback by the end of the year. However, until then no major changes to my trading strategy will be made.

Week Wins:

#GME shorts/theta plays all expired worthless, giving us a 100% return on our investment.

#TSLA continued to trade in a bullish range, and my long/theta strategy netted another 100%


#AMZN continues to run up, and long/theta plays again netter 100%

#GOOG is in a tighter range, that is sideways, long/theta 100% return

#MRNA is on a bullish rise, and long/theta plays netted 100% return

#NVDA is now trading in a tight range with a bullish upside, netted 100% return

#TSLA is also bullish, and long/theta strategy netted 100% return

#DASH is bullish with delta variant. Long/theta strategy netted 100% return

I will continue to trade the same stocks going into next week, and have legged into similar positions for weekly options. I am using a lot of staggered strikes on MRNA/TSLA/GOOG/DASH ect. I will continue to add on my positions today and will post complete positions Monday morning.

As always , don't forget to sign up for free beginner courses and daily trading briefs and strategies. Feel free to ask questions to

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