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Tech Rally into Earnings

The market has ripped over the last few days, pushing higher into full bull territory . Tech has led the way, surpassing new highs with a strong late push yesterday. #NVDA topped 260 off news of the #RXRX investment and with them taking the lead on the #ARM deal.

#NFLX and #TSLA are set to post earnings next week, and with all the recent bullish news on both companies, is there is there still room to push higher?

Tech's strong resurgence this year could be open for a bit of a bubble burst with just a small pin prick. The real test will come in the upcoming Fed meeting. A hawkish stance with rate hikes could cause a strong reversal, as key support points still seem a bit fragile.

All in all, it is best to stay nimble when trading, as we look for quick entry exit points until a strong pullback comes into view.


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