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Morning Brief: DWAC, DWAC, DWAC- 1/19/22

Markets yet again slid off yesterday, posting another day of negative gains. The January sell off continues to mount, pushing yields higher and gold sideways. Futures are up slightly in pre-market following a good round of earnings from Bank of America and others. Other banks and financial firms weren't so lucky , as JPM and others sold off huge after earnings. This surely signals a bearish market, as banks were posting major gains last year.

Despite all this, #DWAC seems to have bucked the market slide. DWAC was up huge yesterday , posting gains over 20%. It is up 8% in pre market, pushing to 93.21. If you read my post yesterday and followed my insta and twitter, you saw that I signaled this stock as a watch in the morning. I went long 81 and 89 calls yesterday morning , and it is posting huge gains today. I think this stock has the potential to hit $150 again. And I called the rumble boost last week as well. Keep your eyes out for more gains today.

Trade: I would go long naked calls or look for a call credit spread here as premiums are still overvalued .

#NVDA: Is gaining some support at 260 but is still seeing resistance at the 280 level. I am still covered calls here and sold more calls yesterday

#MRNA: Bought a put yesterday morning and sold out calls as well. Solid gains so far will continue to taper down strikes

#TSLA: Showed support at the 1,030 level , sold out puts to go long/theta there

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