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Market Recap and Next Week Look- 12/12/21

The market finished extremely strong last week, surging from 10:30am forward. For those that followed my tweets, instagram, and paid subscription , we caught the huge bounce . The market screamed past early highs, and pushed up testing new levels. I believe we are going to see a continue bullish run , as I keep stating, for the year end of 2021. Investors will seek to make gains and will slowly sell off before the Fed begins to taper.


We scored big on a few positions last week and had another 5k+ print on the PnL . Some big drivers were in play as we caught upswings and middles on the strategies I posted throughout the week.

#DWAC ripped over 22% percent in one day. When I noticed the news about 1 billion in new capital investment and a bullish trend forming, I switched into long naked calls. I caught the upswing and then dropped in some short hedging, selling calls for a short/theta position.

#AAPL is a stock I continue to have long term views and I own the underlying asset on this. It reached new highs, with a a steady push throughout the week. AAPL got multiple analyst price target increase. I can't see how anyone would not want to own this stock as it even pays a dividend every year.

#NFLX saw a bearish close the last two days of the week, but I was able to find a nice strangle that I continued to to taper down and draw the strikes into a narrower range.


I am going to continue to be on the lookout for #TSLA as it broke the 1,000 bull trend support point, but quickly bounced back from the 980 range to finish ~1,014 for the close on Friday. Without continued selling pressure, the stock might see some growth this coming week if it can shake off any news about the current investigation .

There are a few earnings reports this week and a few catch my eye.

Wednesday, December 15 - REV Group (NYSE:REV) and Lennar (NYSE:LEN).

: Thursday, December 16 - Accenture (NYSE:ACN), Adobe (NASDAQ:ADBE), Carnival (NYSE:CCL), JAbil (NYSE:JBL), Expensify (EXFY), Rivian Automotive (RIVN) and FedEx (NYSE:FDX).

#CCL is an interesting pick. Like airlines, their stock could rip after revenue increases as COVID restrictions lifted and business picked up. After selling off during COVID, we could see a pop here

#RIVN was a hot stock that I jumped on at the IPO. The stock was ripping before news came out about some issues in their new EV fan. The stock went from ~170 down to ~112 where it seems to have found a bottom. There could be some huge upswing here if the earnings and projected revenue forecast has some positive news.

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