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Morning Brief: New Subscriptions Release

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Since it is expiration Friday I am going to keep it brief and I want to announce my new subsription packages that people have been waiting for :

#AAPL crushed earnings , rising up to ~4% in post market before coming down to 2%. It still isn't enough to provide support for the NDX as #TSLA and the rest continue to flounder. Hopefully, TSLA hits the support point and moves past the 200 day moving average, a key indicator for some recovery,.


I am excited to announce two new subscription packages. Both I think will be very beneficial to learning how to trade, gaining tailored individual coaching, and great insight into how I trade for great returns. I am launching my Live Member Access where you will get my daily stock positions, my market outlook in real time, and real time trade adjustments as the market develops. I am also launching my Trading Coaching, which many people have asked for. I will go over your financial goals, tailor a trading plan specific to you, teach you strategies to execute your plans for your goals and answer any questions you may have. Below is a brief description of each with pricing:


INSTAGRAM: day trading_traveler

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