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Morning Brief: New Market Dynamics. What's Next?

Market dynamics have once again shifted in just a week. We are in somewhat unprecedented times as inflation, geo-political risk, looming war Ukraine, energy, and new chart formations are continually changing how the market is reacting.

With the next Fed meeting coming in March, it seems that the downward pressure is coming off, and we are seeing renewed vigor in bullish trends. Key earnings from #AMZN and #AAPL have continued to help the market recover from a brutal January. But what is next? Where is the next play? Let's analyze some key stocks that could have the most profit as supports and resistances become more clear.

#AAPL seems to have formed a bottom at around ~172, and with its latest payment expansion, there is strong argument for continued growth. Analysts keep upgrading their price targets here, and with AAPL paying dividends, it is still one of the safest and strongest stocks to buy the underlying here. .

#DWAC has been a volatile stock, but it seems to be finding a rhythm here, with a strong ~178 floor here. I continue to play the upside swings buying naked calls here. There is some more optionality here for putting on credit spreads a week ahead of expiration, as premiums continue to be high with 2-3 sigma movements out. There is also news that #JoeRogan might be leaving Spotify to join Rumble, which could boost the stock even more as it gains more market share and momentum .

#NVDA is posting earnings soon, and the stock continues to remain bullish after hitting its earlier floor of ~215. Even though the ARM deal is dead, it actually could work out in the companies favor. It is up 2.75% in pre -market and still shows sign of more upside. It seems to have a new floor in the ~242 range here.

#GME popped big yesterday, and is up again in pre-market. There isn't much underlying fundamental evidence for the move in my opinion, and I think it has a possibility to move down below the 90s again.

#TSLA is showing great signs of support at ~895. The stock pushes daily to this support point, and continues to have swings. It has a resistance point of ~945, put as the stocks support point continues to adjust higher, if TSLA breaks this key resistance point, the stock will break back up to $1,100.

#VIX has continued to come off, now at about 20.53 as the bullish market continues to decrease volatility and hedging. If we can find some resistance, could be a nice play to go long here.


I continue to play with all these new ranges, and this variance is great for option trading. For live trades and execution points make sure to subscribe.


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