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June 3rd Trading Recap

Added a short position on AMC, selling calls at 105 and 100 strikes. AMC rallied mid day but tanked later on . TSLA had some bad news come out, which put some stress on our long positions we put on yesterday, we sold puts at 545, 575, 565. Added a short , bought a put 570 as a hedge overnight. Our underlying length we have at NVDA continued to do strong. We have the stock at $200 average price, that I continue to use to trade options around. We still own puts from yesterday on Dash, with a 145 strike with June 11 exp. We sold puts at a 135 strike to pay for them. Hopefully, we make the full value of theta on the option sale. Mixed day, hope for a good day of expiration tomorrow. Stay tuned for insta posts of intraday trades

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