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Beginner Trading - Getting Started

Congratulations for finally making it here. You have decided to finally take the plunge into managing your finances,creating income, and taking control of your future. Whether your goal is to create more disposable income, educate yourself to manage and enhance an existing portfolio, or reach complete financial autonomy by becoming a professional day trader; we all have to start from square one. In this first chapter on my beginning guide to day trading, I will cover basic trading fundamentals, picking the right platform, picking and managing your account size , and other essentials to give a solid groundwork to start your journey on becoming a successful trader.

To help you follow along, below is an outline of my upcoming posts/blogs/guides chapters encompassing my Beginner Guide Tutorial so you don’t miss a single section or topic. All of the definitions and terms will be tailored to what I will be specifically trading and teaching you in to make it a more unique experience and so you specifically know what I am referring to in my trades.

Beginner Guide

  1. Basic Trading Knowledge

    • Stocks/Bonds/Futures/Commodities/Option Definitions

    • Trading Hours

    • Buy/Selling and Bid/Ask

    • U.S Indexes

    • Common Terminology

  1. Picking a Platform

    • Outline Expectations/ Requirements

    • Current Bank/Money Transfer

    • Computer Hardware/Set up

    • Recommended Platforms

  1. FakeMoney Account

    • Creating a Fake Money account

    • Familiarizing yourself with tools and execution

    • Create testing trading strategy

    • Set account size, milestones, and end goal

    • Continue use for testing future trades

  1. Account Size

    • Purpose of the account

    • Risk Tolerance

    • Current financial situation

    • Discretionary Income

    • Loss tolerance- Snake Bite Affect

  1. Fundamentals

    • OverallMarket Conditions

    • Specific Product

    • Understanding Assets

  1. Charting

    • Defintion

    • How it is Used

    • How i use it

  1. Analyticis

    • Bollinger Bands

    • Moving Averages

  1. How to choose the 3

    • What works for you

    • Desired result

    • Mixing and matching

  1. Options

    • Options Basicis

    • Principles

    • Benefits

    • How to use

  1. Equities

    • Basics

    • Principles

    • Benefits

    • How to Use

  1. Futures

    • Basics

    • Principles

    • benefits

    • How to use

  1. Portoflio

    • Blending all products into your account

    • How the work together

    • Benfits

  1. Making your First Trade

    • Execution

    • Managing

    • Watching

    • Exit Strategy

  1. Adding to First Trade

    • Developing Strategy

    • Setting stop losses/goals

    • Timings

    • PnL tracking

  1. Basic Strategies

    1. Trading Momentum

      • Products

      • Analytics

  1. Trading Earning

    1. How it works

    2. Risks

    3. Produts

  1. Delta Neutral

    1. How it works

    2. Productws

    3. Risks

    4. Benefits

  1. Long term/short term views

    1. Over sold/bought

    2. Over valued

    3. Fundamental change

  1. Psychology

    1. Market Perception

    2. Human Reactions

  1. Managing your First Loss

    1. Snake Bite Effect

    2. How to recover

    3. Account size - 60/40 strategy

    4. Experience Blog

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