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Quitting Your Job to Travel

For years working in the corporate world, to the hit of covid that led to many pondering their careers, to finally hitting the wall of 32 : I finally had to decide what course I wanted to take with the rest of my life. Through a lot of personal struggles, I decided that in the end, a corporate 7am-9pm , seven day a week job just wasn’t for me anymore. That the world has so much to offer and I was truly missing out on life, let alone even having anything outside of a demanding job . I am sure many of you are having similar internal struggles and epiphanies, but you might just need the push to take the leap. Take a chance on doing what you love. Take a chance in believing in yourself. And take a chance to actually find true meaning in life that is tied to the traditional normal social contract . You don’t have to work a 9-5. You don’t have to stay at a company for 20 years, get 401k , get married and live in the same place your entire life.

So I am here, to help you take that leap. Not only do I promote it, I will show you how to make it work by doing it myself. That way you can see it is possible. That way you can believe what I am telling you is true. And that way you can see the tools I give you for trading will allow you that personal financial freedom to pursue your travels and ambitions.

Let’s take this journey together...

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