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Morning Brief- 11/30/21

The market surged back yesterday, shrugging off concerns over the new covid variant. Covid stocks like MRNA, benefited greatly from the news, screaming up Friday and finishing up another 10% on Monday. The real question is whether this new variant is of any threat...and given how little threat the "Delta" variant was , I don't think there is much concern for actual alarm. All the data we have so far, shows mild reactions to the "Omicron" variant ranging from a fever, mild muscle soreness and not much else. MRNA is selling off hard in the pre-market, as more and more data is collected on this harmless variant. The biggest cause of concern for this new variant, is over reaction by politicians and countries. The USA has already banned travel to South Africa, and more countries in Europe are talking about implementing restrictions again. If this happens, you will see more inflation, more supply chain issues, and more reasons the market is going to have a big crash of 25% or more going into 2022.

#MRNA: We are short here, putting on a position yesterday , selling calls @ strikes of 500,495, 490 and I am going to continue to follow the downswing and sell more calls at intervals

#AFRM : Is selling off again, and I have a straddle credit spread in play here, and will unwind based on how the market is moving

#DASH: After getting hammered last week, there seems to be some support here ~180 . I have a credit spread on here on the call side

#NFLX: Seems to have found a nice range, and is trading within a STD. I have a strangle here, selling both calls and puts.

#NVDA: Continues to have support after selling off some last week, I am long here by selling puts @290 strike.

#TSLA: Now that Elon has sold most of the shares he needed, there is a nice strong bottom that has been created. I am long the stock by selling puts, and will sell some calls later this week to put on a strangle in a nice trading range.

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